Trading 2.4 million piglets annually.

We’re taking care of all factors regarding the export, and the danish supplier’s money is guaranteed by us. 

We offer a wide range of pig trading solutions on the global market: the sale of Danish piglets, sale of Danish Genetics-pigs from Denmark, sale of semen from Denmark, on-site reproduction and nucleus herd solutions.


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We are proud 
to be Danish Genetics-partner

Buy pigs for breeding through DTL A/S and be successful. We secure a transformation with no problems through thorough analysis af the buyer's information before deploying new animals, and counseling after the new herd has been deployed.


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A serious business partner

We provide highest degree of counseling while treating suppliers, 
customers and co-workers with respect and orderliness. 


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We have 16 trucks in total. Seven of these are special built SPF-SUS trucks. 

We transport piglets and pigs for breeding in Denmark and foreign countries.


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Your global trade partner

DTL is strongly anchored in Denmark to better meet your needs.  Here we will need a paragraph for two lines.


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