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Trading 2.4 million piglets and 100.000 pigs for breeding annually.

85% of all pigs sold by us are through contracts, where the slaughter pig producer always gets the same delivery of pigs from the same producer of piglets. These contracts are established on transparency and trust. Our interest is that both partners obtain a close and trustworthy relationship to each other.


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1,5 million piglets are sold through export every year.

This is continuously developing in a positiv direction, today we have 85% of our total export as contracts, and with these contracts the production of slaughter pigs will become more secure and profitable. 

It is our goal to establish the same close relationships between the danish piglet producer and the foreign producer of slaughter pigs, just as we have a tradition of doing in Denmark. 


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on the lookout for new suppliers

Furthermore, we want to expand operations in this area, and therefore we’re constantly looking for new suppliers, with whom we can work with. We’re taking care of all factors regarding the export, and the danish supplier’s money is guaranteed by us.


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Jette Grønbæk


T: +45 73 67 02 10

E: jette@dtl-as.dk

Friedrich Sørensen


T: +45 73 67 02 13

E: friedrich@dtl-as.dk

Nicklas Thyssen

Export Trainee

T: +45 73 70 02 27

E: nicklas@dtl-as.dk

Søren Østerbye

Area Sales Manager Piglets


E: soeren@dtl-as.dk

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