Presentation of the company

  • Thorsten Simonsen

DTL A/S was founded in 1992 by 4 visionary farmers, who wanted to establish a production of slaughter pigs in eastern Germany. The idea was simple - using the good danish pig to reach satisfying results in foreign productions. 

In the following years the strategy was changed, and from being a production company, DTL A/S now focused on trading and transport. 

In the late 90's DTL was certified as SPF-SUS transporter, as the first privately owned company in Denmark. 

In the mid 00's, because of rising demands for danish genetics on foreign export markets, trading of pigs for breeding and export become a significant source of revenue. 

Through the years DTL A/S has had a consistent and organic growth, which has led to trading 2.4 million piglets and 100.000 pigs for breeding annually. 

DTL A/S wants to be a serious business partner, who can provide good counseling. Therefore, it's also important to treat suppliers, customers and co-workers with respect and orderliness. 

Business philosophy

  • The company's activities are organized to be clear for the customers.
  • Openness, fair treatment of the customers, and customer satisfaction is the basis of the company.
  • We are aware of, that we are transporting live animals. Animal welfare is highly prioritized.
  • We wish to deliver quality work to a fair price.
  • Flexibility in the work, always being available, quick service, those are the characteristics of the company.
  • Customer satisfaction is the foundation for growth.
  • We always deliver the service and technical back-up that the customer requires.
  • We offer technical competent advice to farms where we deliver animals.
  • We give a thorough and practical applicable advice about the product that we sell.
  • We aim for a close and confident relationship to all of our customers.