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Purchase and sale of piglets

To achieve a good economy in pig production, it is a precondition to have healthy,
robust and vigorous animals.
In Denmark, through more than 30 years there has been build up an open nationwide
health system where all pig
farms are registered, and where everybody via the Internet easily can check the health
status on every farm. The system
is called SPF-SUS and is available for everyone who has access to the Internet, regardless
of where in the world
you are living. The information is provided in the languages Danish, English and German.
The Internet address is:
www.spfsus.dk To look up a health status of a farm you have to use its farm number (CHR.NR.)

There are two crucial factors for the success of the system: security and openness.

The system is working with two security levels.

In general, red herds are nucleus and multiplier herds. These herds are inspected and blood samples are taken once
per month by veterinarians employed by the health control of the Landbrug & Fødevarer veterinary control.
The herds are tested for SPF diseases that they are declared not to have.

Blue herds are in general production herds. The blue herds are inspected once per months for clinical symptoms of
the diseases that they are declared not to have, and once per year blood samples are taken. This control is conducted
by local veterinarians that have entered an agreement with the health control of the Landbrug & Fødevarer, thereby
being personally responsible for the quality of the controls.

Openness is ensured by all Danish veterinarians visiting the farms, owners of the farms, and approved traders of pigs
being obligated to report symptoms of diseases to the health system SPF-SUS, where after the information will be
available to everybody at www.spfsus.dk

All nucleus and multiplier herds can be found in the database.
DTL A/S can purchase animals from every nucleus and multiplier herd. We have selected a number of
nucleus and multiplier herds from where we buy most of the animals. These are herds, that we know well, and where
we are certain of the quality.







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